How Great Communities
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Welcome to the Civic Strategies website. Civic Strategies is a collaborative and strategic planning firm that works with local governments and civic organizations. You can learn here about our work and how it can benefit your community. There's also an extensive collection of articles and presentations on civic leadership skills.

Our web site has five sections: 

  • About Civic Strategies explains our firm's history and approach to community decision making and tells you about our principal employees.
  • Civic Strategies Services explains the most important services we provide and the benefits they offer.
  • The Online Library has numerous articles and presentations about cities, regions and civic leadership.
  • Resources is our "how-to" section for civic leaders, a good place to visit to deepen your leadership skills.
  • News from Civic Strategies has articles about our firm and its work.

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Seven Big Lessons for
Local Governments

In 2002, we began a five-year partnership with Governing magazine to publish a column about cities and regions called Urban Notebook. As a parting gift for Governing readers, we published "Seven Big Lessons for Local Governments," which looked back on the major themes of Urban Notebook. To view this article, please click here.


The Great Project ::::

Civic Strategies' Otis White has created a multimedia book about a civic project that changed a city. You can purchase "The Great Project" on the Apple iBookstore for reading on an iPad. For details, please click here.