Civic Strategies is a collaborative and strategic planning firm that works with local governments and civic organizations. We also write about, teach, and consult about community change and civic leadership.

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At Civic Strategies, we're more than consultants. We're researchers and writers with a deep interest in what makes cities successful. An example is our multimedia book "The Great Project." It's the storThe Great Projecty of a city that tried for 20 years to save its downtown, and the remarkable project that finally turned things around.

Logic, engagement, consensus, success

Civic Strategies' clients often come to us when the way forward is not clear to them, when the community's political, economic, or social climate has changed, or when there are opportunities requiring new stakeholders and collaborations.

We help governments and organizations find their way through major decisions with authoritative research, logical processes, even-handed facilitation, and state-of-the-art community outreach and citizen engagement.

The result: good decisions, arrived at in fair and open ways, that generate widespread support.

What we do

Retreats and strategic planning: We help governments and organizations plan for uncertain times, tough issues, exciting opportunities, and new collaborations.

Community visioning: Visioning is about listening to citizens, but it's also about translating those dreams into achievable initiatives. We'll show you how to engage citizens and create ambitious but realistic goals.

Task force management: The best way to find answers to challenging problems using a collaborative approach is with a well-designed, well-managed task force. We help task forces find the right answers and do it in the right way.

Research, consulting, and training: We wrote the book on how communities take on great projects successfully. Literally, the book ... along with the blog, the podcast, reports, seminars and consultations. We can help your organization create great projects, too.

Seven Lessons for Local Governments

In 2002, we began a five-year partnership with Governing magazine to publish a column about cities and regions called Urban Notebook. As a parting gift for Governing's readers, we published an article titled "Seven Lessons for Local Governments," which looked back on the major themes of Urban Notebook.

Among the lessons: Density is a city's friend, local governments need the property tax, transportation and land use are inseparable, and cities must find new ways of building leadership. We have the column in our Resources section, so you can read the lessons (and click through to the individual columns).

Update: We're back in the Governing family, writing an occasional article for Governing's Management Insights column. You can find articles by Otis White in this collection.

Civic Strategies Podcast

Our purpose is to help our clients solve their problems and strengthen their civic assets. But we have another ambition, which is to help communities everywhere build leadership.

We've compiled a series of lessons in local leadership through a podcast we produce with the Georgia Municipal Association. The lessons are inspiring and educational and available for other websites to host. For more information, please click here.

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We preach to our clients the value of building a sense of community through communications and social media. And we practice it ourselves. So you can find us (or our founder, Otis White) on Twitter, Facebook, in podcasts, in Governing magazine, and in Otis' blog about civic leadership. To begin, join us on Twitter and Facebook, and learn what's going on that should be of interest to civic leaders everywhere.